Pre-Holiday Week

I’ve been working on holiday projects all week! Cleaning, card writing, decorating, and preparing for Sunday’s holiday party.

Wednesday I went to the gym with Carrie and we made an afternoon out of it by hitting up Tropical Smoothie and then Ross for Christmas shopping. How productive. James was here all week and we spent the evening together playing cribbage and cleaning up after my sick dog. How romantic.

Thursday I had my formal introduction to the Y, including a strength test and set up on their ActivTrax system. I may not use it much, but it’s an interesting tool! Then I jetted off to yoga. Got back in time to get ready again for the evening’s outings. Met an old professor for coffee and she wrote me a letter to help me get transfer credit for her speech class. Funny story…we both sat there for about 20 mins before we realized who the other was. It had been about 4 years and I am about 50 pounds lighted than when she knew me. We had a nice chat and I was only a little late getting home.

James and I met Regan and Matt at one of our favorite restaurants. We had a slight travel snafu but resolved it by pushing the reservation back an hour. Dinner was delicious and everyone seemed to have a good time! We got back home and crashed because I had to be up next day at 6am for work.

Friday I pulled my first day-evening double since the summer and it went much more smoothly (and quickly!) than expected. It definitely helped that I worked with awesome staff and got placed on a unit with kids I can have fun hanging out with.

Saturday was full of good times! I had a delicious interactive brunch with dog park people (one of our holiday traditions), attended Asher’s first birthday party, spent the day with Carlie and the kids, picked up Marty for dinner at Noodles & Co, and then spent the rest of the evening doing Christmas prep.

Sunday dawned bright and early as I met Regan for an 8k at a local park. It was absolutely perfect weather (compared to last weekend when it was supposed to be held). We made decent time and enjoyed all of the decorations!

I hung out the rest of the day at home, getting ready for the party. Carlie and the kids stopped by. James arrived before the rest of the guests to help me finish getting ready. Then…we partied! My menu included trail mix, sausage/cheese platter, meatballs in BBQ, crab mango salsa, baked brie, veggie plate, and chocolates. Plus random decorating candies. I also had graham crackers and icing for the kids to decorate and eat.

Again, everyone seemed to have a good time! It was a high energy event, lots of kids, music, and mess. Janet, Cathy, and Brian stayed after to help James and me clean up and chit chat. That was much more low key. I am lucky to have such great friends, a wonderful boyfriend, and a clean house.


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