Rain, Rain: Go Away

A legitimate problem with having planned a weekend full of outdoor activities arises when a wintry storm arrives that just won’t quit. We did have a brief break early on Saturday, but it has been raining nonstop for over 48 hours.

I decided at the last minute to walk in the Christmas parade. A group from the dog park registered us to walk with our furry friends, and we all know much I love my dog park related activities. The weather was looking dodgy when I awoke, but I had committed at that point so I kept calm and carried on.

But luckily the weather cleared up and it turned out to be a really fun morning. We had a decent turnout, all the dogs behaved, and the kids in the crowd seemed to get a kick our of Bonnie.


At the conclusion of the parade, I headed across town to pick up Regan’s and my race packet for the 8k. They assured me it would take place rain or shine. So I made plans accordingly. I also caught the tail end of the brief dry spell with a chilly 6-mile run.

Later that evening, Dee invited our classmates over for a “holiday scrub” party. Basically she has lots of ingredients – sugar, salt, oil, peppermint, vanilla, etc and we used them to make body scrubs! It was a lot of fun and she had some pretty delicious food.


That’s me with Linds! Both of our scrubs turned out really quite well. Also, I made a “wrecking ball” cookie because that affront to humanity should be parodied at every possible opportunity.

So that pretty much wrapped up my Saturday. I was supposed to go to bed early due to the Sunday morning race, but thank goodness it got postponed a week due to the gross weather. So, I did some organizing instead.

I started my Sunday off with yoga and Christmas decorating, which I still have not finished because James arrived and distracted me. We had a cozy day indoors due to the weather.

Monday was much more busy! He left for work, and I worked on Christmas cards. I wanted to go for a run at that point, but I simply could not bring myself to go out in the cold AND rain. So I took that as my cue to join the YMCA, which I had been contemplating for some time. I need a dry haven in which to run even when the weather won’t cooperate. I distinctly prefer running outdoors to on a treadmill, but on the bright side, I was able to push myself and complete my 5-mile run at a 9:56 pace! New PR!

After a quick un-drenching, I met Linds for lunch and some Christmas shopping. I got about half of my list checked off, and did a bit of grocery shopping before heading home.

It took some prep work, and a little bit of girlfriend obligation, but I managed to get James to take a Christmas card photo with me. I had it all set up, and Janet came over to snap the photo. Never have I ever been happier to have a phone with an awesome camera.


Aren’t we adorable? He wore the Santa hat and everything! And it only took 2 attempts to get good smiles on both of us.

Today I am on a mission! Finish the decorating! More Christmas cards, which requires me to get those photos of us printed! Yoga! Sports massage! Make a delicious dinner! And stay dry! Can I do it? Only time will tell.


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