NBC Sound of Music

My thoughts, while watching:

– The nuns sing beautifully, especially in “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”
– The scene of Maria singing “The Sound of Music” is awkward because it looks SO FAKE
– Why is Maria singing “My Favorite Things” to the Reverend Mother? I don’t remember that…
– I love that Reverend Mother is not caucasian.
– Why is she singing “My Favorite Things” again??
– The dialogue is so heavy-handed at the Von Trapp house.
– Where is the scene of her leaving the abbey and singing “I have confidence”??
– How would she get away with teaching them to sing in the house? That’s supposed to happen on an outing. The Captain would totally have heard them in the first 2 seconds!
– Is that maybe how they do it in other live performances? Maybe I am being too critical, but doesn’t make sense, and they are not limited to one stage here. This is live TV. They could have left the house before starting the song…
– Enjoyed the Rolf and Liesel scene, as well as the Liesel and Maria scene
– Why aren’t Maria and the children singing “My Favorite Things” during the thunderstorm….oh right, cause they’ve already done it twice during this production! Just not where it is SUPPOSED to be *rolls eyes*
-Elsa Schraeder is beautiful, talented, and a great actress… I also really like Max Detweiler (who also played Emmett in Legally Blonde: The Musical!!!)
– Love the scene of the Captain and Maria dancing
– Children’s goodbye is great! Loved Kurt’s high note.
– Mother Superior is just stunning!
– Maria is back! She and the Captain are in love! This is beautiful.
– The wedding was lovely as well.
– And the music festival.

Overall, a solid 90%, points off mostly for reordering the songs unnecessarily.


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