Final Week of School: 2013 Edition

I have been all over the place this week, literally and figuratively. I started out returning from my Thanksgiving travels and staying at my place while studying for Monday morning’s test. Immediately after the test. I ran across town to the Kohl’s to redeem my cash and get a winter coat that actually fits me…and had great success! Then I collected Bonnie from her Thanksgiving stay and headed over to a tree dedication ceremony hosted by my undergrad Geology Department. It was a beautiful fall day and nice to see those folks for the first time since Lydia’s graduation in May. Then I took my very hyper pup to the dog park before heading out to spend a couple days with James.

We had a nice time together this week. Tuesday we had a mini-adventure to get legendary crab-mango salsa from a place about 30 mins from his neighborhood. He had never had it before, and proclaimed it to be one of the most delicious things ever, which I certainly agreed with. Then we took the dogs for a walk, took some photos at our favorite spot by the river, played some cribbage (I’m teaching him) and some LA Noir (he’s teaching me). It was a lovely and fun-filled day together 🙂


Wednesday I had my final exam in the morning, ran errands right afterwards (to make the craft pictured below), and hit the road to see Kristi (who ended up helping me make them). I had a fun afternoon hanging out with Kristi and her family…we had a lot of catching up to do! Her daughter has grown up so much in the time since I had last seen her! It’s crazy how that happens…



Then, I went to dinner with Lydia to help her celebrate her final project in GIS! It was really delicious seafood and a place around the corner from her home. And after that, I met her new dog Ainsley! Such a cutie.

Finished up the day with a Carlie chat that led to a late-night closet-cleanout. I weeded out at least 60-70% of my wardrobe. I’ll have quite a donation to Goodwill soon!

Thursday I had the unfortunate task of working on a really tedious assignment most of the day. In between, I did at least have yoga and took breaks for meals.

Today we had our last clinical in the L&D unit! Our instructor and group has been such a pleasure to work with. After class ended, a few of the girls came over to play games and we had a great time celebrating and cracking up laughing.

I went for a brief run and then the dog park, and now I don’t know quite what to do with myself for the rest of the evening! I’m quite excited for the time off and all of the upcoming holiday festivities!


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