Thanksgiving Travels

So I got out the door at a decent hour on Tuesday and made it to my destination a little after 7pm with only moderate inclement weather. Hit rain most the way and snow was just starting to fall in the last 30 mins or so. Not too bad considering all the news channels were calling for a snow-pocalypse.

When I arrived I was greeted by my beautiful Little and her mom & Nonnie. We just hung out, caught up, and enjoyed a cheese plate. Little is such a good hostess!

Taken just after I arrived.

Wednesday we enjoyed a nice relaxed morning. Little and I did my recorded yoga class, then we all left to run errands, including getting some more items for the Thanksgiving feast. We ended by picking up Daddad from the airport. Courtney then took us all to a local “dive” with delicious cajun food.

The 4 of us at lunch.

Thursday we got an early start. I did my own version of a Turkey Trot by running 7 miles in order to enjoy all the delicious calories of our feast. The others got the food started, but I helped once I returned by doing things nobody else wanted to do (like peel eggs and potatoes). By the early afternoon, we were ready to sit down to a lovely meal! And by that evening, we were all so tired that all we wanted to do was cuddle on the couch.


We half-heartedly participated in Black Friday. First, a delicious homestyle lunch out, then a trip to Kohl’s where we all got some pretty great bargains. Then, a low-key evening of leftovers, followed by a drive-through lights show!

Saturday, we ended the trip with a big breakfast and Little took her family to the airport. They are so lovely and saying goodbye to them is never fun. But I managed and I know I’ll see them again next year.

I had driven separately and returned home to get in a final run for November. I hit 80 miles this month, and improved my average pace from 11:32 in October to 10:47 in November. I was only aiming to improve it by 30 seconds, so I’m thrilled! It seems to be a combination of the colder weather and the steady weight loss. I am just 6 pounds away from my 2013 goal, which is right on track for my “marathon” weight loss goal.

After my run I returned to Little’s where she was already in full Christmas decorating mode. So I showered, packed, and hung around for a bit while she decorated. But then I had to go. It’s always so sad to leave her, but I know she’s never far from my heart.



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