Fitting It All In

This very lovely weekend started out with a Hunger Games gathering on Friday, after which I intentionally stayed up late doing homework and such.

Saturday morning I saw Rebecca and Lara again at Haley’s birthday party! That little munchkin turned 1 year old, and I couldn’t be happier for Norman and Rebecca! She looked so cute eating her chocolate cupcake! Plus, they had some absolutely delicious apps, all from Trader Joes.


After the party, I headed home to get ready for work. My double shift this week was on Unit 8, which can be very challenging. However, I absolutely love working with the staff over there; they are such a tight-knit group of compassionate people. I also got a chance to work with the regular night shift staffer because they are running the unit with 3 people due to a particularly challenging patient. We had a great time chatting about movies and music, among other things. I actually stayed awake much easier than last week!

After only a brief 4-hour sleep, I awoke on Sunday to go for a run. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for a mini dinner party. James and I had our BFF Steve over because he was passing through town and we just had to hang out 🙂 I’m quite proud of what I made… Baked salmon marinated in fresh lemons, grilled garlic asparagus, caesar
salad and fresh-squeezed lemonade. When I was buying the ingredients on Saturday, the guy behind me in the checkout line actually asked me, “Are you some kind of dietician?” To which I responded no, but thanked him for the compliment. Here’s my table before dinner was served!


After a fun dinner with Steve, James and I enjoyed the rest of our time together. He was so sweet to come out and see me before I left for Thanksgiving break.

Monday was largely uneventful. Class, errands, yoga, dinner, hanging out with James. Rebecca was here briefly to watch the Doctor Who Special with me.

This morning so far I have already run 3 miles and am procrastinating packing. But I need to hit the road soon so I’d better leave this here. Next stop, Little’s house! Just over the mountains and through the woods.


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