Catching My Breath

It’s been an awesome week! It was just ever so nice to spend quality time with James. Monday evening, we were reunited for what had been our longest time apart to date…a whole week. He really made me feel appreciated and missed in my absence, which is always nice after time apart.

Tuesday I had a really excellent yoga session which ended with a minor back injury in my endeavor to do a full plow where my feet touched the ground (finally!). It’s feeling better each day, but it’s strange to have any pain at all associated with yoga.

Wednesday started out with a cold and crisp run straight out of James’s neighborhood for a round-trip distance of 6 miles…in just over an hour (10:16 pace)! I really like running in the cold, especially with my new cold-weather gear, and I am just jazzed about my progress. Class was dull, but we got out early and joined Leah for birthday lunch at Olive Garden.

Thursday I said my temporary (until Sunday) goodbye to James, and hauled my stuff and my dog home, with a pit-stop for some restorative yoga. Then I met Carrie and KJ for Panera and some totally-non-school-related hang out time. Much needed! I also got my car washed, went to the dog park, and got caught up with Carlie (and some housework) before early bedtime.

Fridays are rough with clinical, but this one ended on a good note! We cared for a patient in labor, but she didn’t deliver before we left for the day. I had JUST enough time for a (necessary) 5 mile run with Bonnie. And guess what…this time, I hit the bricks at 10:10…or 50:49 total! And that was despite temporary dog-related stops and the warmer weather (high 60s). After assembling my low-key Katniss costume, I met Lara and Rebecca at Bonefish! And then we went to see Catching Fire, which was excellent! It was such a fun evening spent with good friends 🙂


Busy weekend ahead! I’ll fill in details upon its conclusion.


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