Who’s in my life?

This probably won’t make much sense to people who don’t know me well. But I just wanted to start this to see how it will compare in the future.

People who are new… (2013)
– Carrie, Kris, Aubrey, Dee, Lindsay, and all the rest of my fellow nursing students
– Janet, neighbor extraordinaire
– James, boyfriend of almost 5 months, but friend for most of the year
– Lara, my wonderful trainer

People who are better friends this year than last year…
– Rebecca
– Emily
– Zach
– Steve
– Regan
– Katrina

People who are constants…
– Carlie, David, Cathy, and all of the dog park family
– Courtney aka LITTLE
– Lydia, Lydia, and Lydia. Love you all.
– Jess
– Chelsea

People I haven’t talked to as much this year, as compared to previous years…
– Stacy
– Jenna
– Teddy
– Kaitlyn
– Purcella
– Melissa & Evelyn
– Ali
…must be better about those!

And there are a whole host of people who fall somewhere in the middle.


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