Rainbow Day!

Got up early to go for a run (5 miles, 51:30) and was rewarded with a beautiful rainbow! After that I took a test for Mother/Baby nursing and am now relaxing as I prepare for the rest of my day.

But first, let’s back up to Thursday. After a really great yoga class, I drove to visit Emily and eat at our favorite Thai restaurant. We also took a trip to the mall where she had some errands to run and I finally got sized for new Victoria’s Secret products. Yes, I am finally accepting that pretty lingerie is worth it. Plus, I’ve lost a cup and a band size in the past year, so that was exciting to discover. We parted ways after our short but sweet visit, and I enjoyed a quiet drive home.

Friday was my third clinical day, and this time I was assigned to a newborn. She was such a cute little baby, and it was so neat to see all of the things that go on right after a delivery. After clinical, Bonnie and I went on a 5-mile run (her longest so far) before it got dark. Then I spent the rest of the night doing homework and attempting to stay up late to prepare for work Saturday. I made matzo ball soup, pressed submit on my ODU paper, and was generally productive.

Saturday I slept in til 10, then went for a 3-mile run that ended at the grocery store where I walked the last mile back to my house. Kind of a fun mini-adventure. I had a nice relaxed day before heading in to work. Work was also good. I got moved off the unit I had signed up to work on, but enjoyed working with the other staff and kids just fine. I stuck around for night shift, and had the toughest time staying awake that I can remember. But I made it through and called to talk to Cathy and Brian to stay awake.

Sunday I slept and it was glorious. Got up in time to make it to the dog park. Met Janet’s new puppy Stormy, and took Bonnie also (she did great, apart from one tiny incident). And I hung out there for part of the evening for pizza and poker. Then I had to go back and study!

As I said, today has been beautiful so far. I’m gonna do some homework, head to the dog park, and then go out to spend the rest of the week with James.


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