This weekend started off with a whirlwind of surprises!  First surprise…got out of my class an hour early.  Always nice for Friday classes.  Second surprise, James came to visit me when my class should have ended…which was also literally as I was driving out of town.  It was so sweet of him, but unfortunately I was already on track to make a LATE dinner, and I couldn’t delay my departure much longer. 

I got down to see Jess around 8pm and she had made us delicious pulled bbq for dinner.  Then we rounded off the evening with a 2-mile walk for Georgia.  The next morning started bright and early with her early Georgia run.  By the time she got back from her 4+ miles, I was dressed and ready to join her for the next 8.  We ran all the way to the Chapel Hill campus and back to her apartment, and kept a pretty nice pace despite the hills that I am not at ALL used to.  To celebrate, we cleaned up and had a nice hot breakfast, complete with bacon.  Then, we decided to be responsible students and devote a few hours to homework.


But by mid-afternoon, we headed out for adventures part 2!  We started out running important errands, including a trip to Old Navy, where I traded in my sad, baggy size-16 jeans for some lovey new size-12s!  And these are even a bit roomy in the waist, but very well-fitted in the rest of my legs (so maybe I just needed a different “shape” of jean?).  They’ll probably work for at least the next few months, at any rate.  After the shopping, we dined at California Pizza Kitchen, where I got my favorite BBQ chicken pizza and ate it ALL because I earned PLENTY of calories from the run.  We ended the evening with a Starry Night painting at Wine & Design!  It was such a fun event and I found that I really liked the end-product that I created.


On Sunday, I went out for another run because I wanted the bonus miles (and calories to enjoy).  Then we spent the rest of the morning baking delicious sweet treats, some for her grad school friends and some for my neighbor who watched Bonnie for me while I was away.  And also some for us…especially the batter.  On my way out of town, we met up with Kehint and Mike at a favorite local restaurant of theirs.  They were coincidentally passing through town, so the timing was perfect.  I spent most of the rest of the day traveling, with a brief excursion to see the elusive Purcella in new Raleigh habitat.  I was only able to stay a few hours, but we got some great catching up and a bite to eat before I left.  When I finally got home, it was late and I was quite exhausted.  But at least I had Chelsea to keep me company for literally hours on the phone.  Thank goodness for car chargers and the GPS device that talks to me even when I’m on a voice call.

Monday went by in a rush!  I had class and immediately thereafter James arrived to spend the rest of the day with me (Veteran’s Day…he had off from work).  We ended up going to see Ender’s Game (which was horrible), but still having a great time.  Zach came over in the evening to play some Mario Kart on the Wii, and by the end was beating me in certain races.  I’m not great at video games, but I did have the home-field advantage at first with the game system that the boys aren’t used to using.

Tuesday was just blah because I was trying to write a paper, so not only did I not get that done, I didn’t get much of anything else done either.  Did have yoga though, which is always nice.  I was up early Wednesday to finish at least a first draft of my paper.  Then I went for a very COLD run that also happened to be my fastest 6 miles (1:02…or 10:20/mile).  I’ve run about half the miles this month as last month (so far) and my average pace has dropped from 11:32 (October) to 11:06!  Also on Wednesday, I ordered new (smaller) scrubs, took a trip to Target, gave a random lady a ride home (turned out just fine), went to the dog park, finished my care plan, and caught up with Lyds and Carlie.  I was gonna do some reading but that can wait til tomorrow.  I’m gonna go see miss Emily for a lunch excursion!  So exciting!


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