As Good As

You know that saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?”  On the internet, it is inevitably followed by a photo of some food-porn or written in the context of a person struggling with an eating disorder.  Occasionally, it is utilized by average, healthy individuals as motivation to strive toward long-term goals rather than giving in to short-term temptations.  Another apropos example would be “what you eat in private, you wear in public,” which points out that even if you are deceiving yourself or hiding your poor choices, you can’t hide it from the world.

Well, I’d like to take a spin on that first phrase because I finally get it.  And I don’t mean to say that get it in the context of an eating disorder.  I am not on a pathological mission to exterminate all of the fat in my body.  I also don’t just “get it” hypothetically, in the context of an inspirational Pinterest board.  I actually get it because I am starting to feel it.

They say it takes time to really notice the incremental changes you make, but eventually they add up enough to make a big difference.  I’m sitting here in front of my computer attempting to write a paper (you can see how well that’s going), and my keyboard and trackpad are resting in my lap.  As a result of this placement, I am aware of the feel of my midsection, which is considerably smaller than it was this time last year.  And what I feel is…lightness…a certain degree of firmness…a lack of puffed up heaviness that I could feel with each breath.  I honestly didn’t really notice the bad feeling back then, but when I think back and compare it to how I feel now, I can definitely notice the difference.

I like to think forward as much as backward.  This time last year, the accomplishments I have made would have seemed nearly implausible to me.  So, I have difficulty conceiving how different I will feel this time next year.  I plan for my fitness accomplishments in 2013 to match or exceed those in 2014.  Will the difference in how I feel from last year to this year match or exceed how I feel next year?  Only time will tell.  Stay tuned.


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