Fresh Start in November

Started my month out on the right foot!  My first run of the month was 7 miles at an 11:11 pace (new PR for that distance) and I finished the weekend with a 4-mile run, to bring my monthly total to 11 mi.  I thought it was cutesy and also I was feeling like a short run on Sunday.  I did another 7 miles Wednesday afternoon, not as fast as Saturday, either because it was warmer or because it was much later in the day than I usually run.

Other than running,  I’ve spent most of the week out with James at his house.  When I’m out there, it’s an interesting dichotomy of productivity.  I’m super-productive while he’s away at work, because there’s very little there to distract me.  My stuff, my computer, my TiVo-ed shows…all at my house.  Now I obviously still have my iPhone, so there is a certain amount of distraction available to me, but much less.  Plus, I work hard because I know when he gets home, I want to be done for the day.  In the evenings, I am not productive at all.  But I think overall, I am more productive there than I am at home.  The only problem with being out there is all the extra driving.  He has to commute to work either way, and it’s actually a shorter commute for him when he stays at my house.  When I’m out there, not only does he have his normal long commute, but I also have a commute.  Still, it’s not that bad, and it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.  For all of October, when we were together, it was at his house.  Now that I have my car back, I’ll be returning the favor.

I ordered a new bed!  Turns out, my full-size mattress is not well-suited for two people.  I have a King on the way with a really awesome platform frame.  I ordered from the family-owned furniture store right around the corner because they had the best prices by far!  I got a memory foam mattress and frame for less than the mattress alone would cost at any other store I visited.  The only problem is that it won’t be in for about a month.  That’s actually part of the reason I’m going out to visit James – until I get my new mattress, he’s pretty uncomfortable on the one I currently have.

I voted!  You can’t see my stickers in the photos below, but they were taken 1 year apart, both just after I voted.  It’s so funny because looking back at the yellow-jacket photo, I thought that was a really great picture of me.  But a year later in the black jacket, I look and feel so much different.  I made the collage with those photos and a half-marathon photo, because that was the major impetus for all the changes I made over the past year.  Almost 40 pounds separating the yellow jacket from the black jacket, and about 15 pounds from the pink shirt to the black jacket.  It’s been quite a journey, and I’m a little more than half-way to my goal.  Perhaps I’ll post another one of these next November as I gear up for the WDW Marathon!


Other than that, it’s been a pretty solid week.  Busy.  Today I need to conquer some serious homework.  I’m off to a great start already, can’t you tell?  Tomorrow I’m headed out right after clinical to visit Jess for the weekend.


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