In Other News

I finished my Mental Health Nursing class on Wednesday, which was sadder than I expected. This was both because I will miss the professor and because I fell short of my expectations on the final test. However, it’s behind me and I have already moved on to Mother/Baby Nursing, which started Wednesday.

Backing up a bit, on Tuesday I finally got my car back from the body shop!  I also had yoga, followed by a pedicure with Marty (in celebration of her birthday).  On the way home, I decided to stop by a paint-on-pottery event my nursing cohort was having, just to say hi, which turned into dinner at a local Mexican restaurant for 7 of us (3 + kids).  It ended up being a really fun evening!  Though, it made me realize that I have literally no self-control at Mexican restaurants…at least, not with chips & guac.

Wednesday morning started out with a mini-surprise when James turned up that morning.  I say mini-surprise, because I was expecting him…but much later in the day.  He ended up needing to drop his dogs off at my house (long story).  His visit threw off my morning schedule a bit, but I still managed to fit in a 4-mile run, which put my total for October just over 70 miles!  By comparison, in September I ran 75, but that included the 13.1 from the half-marathon.  But I compare more favorably in terms of speed, because I carved over 30 seconds off my average pace for the month.  I am consistently running 4- and 5-mile distances at or around 11:00/mile…and sometimes below!  It’s probably a combination of the cooler weather and also the weight loss (8 lbs this month, and over 16 since the beginning of September).

Wednesday continued with my first Mother/Baby class, homework in the afternoon, and then dinner with my neighbors.  Janet really wanted to meet James, and I really wanted to try her infamous London Broil.  It was quite a fun gathering, complete with tiny dogs and ticklish children.

Thursday got started on the right foot…had yoga, met Janet and Jess out for Tropical Smoothie, ran some errands, did some homework, and was surprised again by James when he got home from work an hour early.  Thus, we had bonus time to enjoy the great weather with a trip to the dog park!  The rest of the evening was relaxed, with the exception of a minor incident of doggy crime (peeing on the carpet, right in front of us).  I may have overreacted slightly (because this is the most recent of many incidents of indoor defecation), but the resulting conversation brought about some worthy solutions.

Friday brought an early start to my first OB clinical.  James helped out by fixing the latch on the back door and by taking Bonnie out when I had to run out the door to avoid being late.  Based on the first day, this is going to be the best clinical yet!  I love our instructor, our lab group really jives, and I have already gotten the opportunity to stand in on a C-section!  Seeing that whole process, culminating in the birth of a baby girl, has got to be one of the coolest things that has happened so far in my nursing career.

And the rest of day just kept up the good work!  On a whim, I stopped into the furniture store near my house and found a really lovely mattress that is within my budget, as well as a new frame that is just beautiful (and also within budget).  I did not expect to find such good prices at such a small store, so I was pleasantly surprised.  I also had a nice dinner, remembered to do my abs, and did some reading for class.  And now here I am, taking a break to write this blog and buy some new music on iTunes.  Sometimes, it’s the little things.

Tomorrow, I head out to visit James…for the first time in over a month…because for 29 of those days, I was essentially car-less.  I’m staying the weekend, and probably a little bit into the subsequent week.  I’m going to be doing a lot of suitcase-living this week, because of that visit and again when I go out of town to visit Jess the following weekend.  But I don’t mind, because it means I get to spend time with people I care about.


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