Autumn Adventures

Saturday I got a lot of studying done, but I also took a break to hang out with Little Little. We went for a walk in the historic district, picking up hot cider and snacks along the way. It had been quite some time since our last good hang-out, so this was very much savored.

Sunday I traveled with Regan to a Zombie 5k! It was really entertaining to see the zombies, interact with them before the race, and try to outrun them during it. Below you will see some who were line dancing with us pre-race.


Aside from the entertainment value, the race was really disorganized and delayed almost 30 mins. Also, I have completely stopped getting any sense of accomplishment for finishing a 5k. I’m going to stick to longer races from here on out.

Despite the delay, I got back home just in time to hitch a ride with Marty to the dog park. Then James arrived shortly thereafter. He’ll be here all week!

I’ve got a test later today. Then I am going shoe shopping and workout clothes shopping. Then making stuffed peppers for dinner, followed by a showing of Gravity!


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