Thoughts at the moment

– I also set a 5-mile PR this week…under 11:00/mile! It is definitely getting easier for me to run the more weight I lose, but this awesome fall weather certainly doesn’t hurt. I am still conscious that I will eventually reach a point where it is *too* cold, and the question is whether I power through it because I am better/faster/stronger, or renew my gym membership. I may renew in December only because I will have more free time on my hands and I may want to go back to lifting 🙂

Thinking about December, I am already getting excited for holiday baking! I will be mailing so many cookies this year, both the sugar-n-spice recipe of my mom’s, and the chocolate recipe that Jess showed me last year (from the box). There will be lots of powdered sugar involved, which is never a bad thing.

I am also getting really excited for my next nursing class, mother-baby! I know I will have a great classroom instructor, my clinical got moved to a closer hospital, and I am really excited about this field of nursing!

Today I am going kayaking for many reasons. It is beautiful outside. It is the end of the outdoor water season, so this may be one of my last chances. I need to burn off excess energy, but I don’t want to run today because I ran yesterday and will be running tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am doing a zombie 5k! No idea what to expect, but I ❤ zombies, so I am excited to see what's in store! Also, James will be here that evening, planning to stay the week. I like having him here, have I mentioned that?

I am about to bike to Marty's because I still don't have my car back, and I need it to get down to the race. And then I'm kayaking. Then studying. Then hanging out with Little Little. Then more studying. My life is so exciting: just kidding.


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