Wind in my Step

I definitely started this morning off on the right foot!

But first, yesterday James was able to come down for a quick visit. He’s on a vacation from work, so it might have been a couple days visit, but he ended up having some last minute stuff to take care of at his house. So he arrived in the afternoon, and we ended up hanging out, eating dinner, and watching Breaking Bad.

So part of the reason today started off on the right foot was having him here makes me happy. The other part is more literal, because I got up and went for a run. It was such a beautiful day, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. He contemplated going with me, but ended up passing.

Short story long, the noteworthy part of today’s run was that I set a new 4-mile PR! I got out the door with my first mile under 11mins, and decided to see if I could keep pushing it. I had contemplated running 5 miles, but that particular route seemed unappealing today. I ultimately ended up running that 4 miles in 42:09, or 10:32/mile! What’s so great about this is A) it seems to be getting easier to run faster the more weight I lose and B) I am approaching my goal of 10:00/mile more quickly than I expected! So exciting! Plus, did I mention it was a beautiful morning?

After that, I returned home to James and we had a nice morning together before he took me to school (because by the way, my car isn’t fixed yet). Class today was great as always. I never thought I would appreciate the study of Mental Health Nursing, but with the right instructor, a great textbook, and interesting assignments, I find that I am.

I spent the rest of the evening at the dog park, chatting with 2 of my 3 Lydias, and watching A Beautiful Mind (class assignment).


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