Three’s Company

My house currently has three dogs and three people residing. Normally it’s just me & Bonster, but when James comes he also brings his boys. They didn’t get along with Bonnie AT ALL in the beginning, but now they are much more tolerant of one another. So that accounts for the “new” normal, but my friend Lydia is also here visiting for a few days, so that makes three of each.

But let’s back up to my birthday. James got here Saturday and we hung out and went to the park before going out to dinner to celebrate. It was one of our favorite restaurants, and actually the place where we first officially met. Rewinding back to January when a group of 20-somethings from the dog park met for dinner and a fun night, I knew most of the group but hadn’t met James yet. Perfect bookends for our relationship so far 🙂

Sunday we mostly stayed in because it was unseasonably hot! We did manage to make it out to the dog park in the evening when it had cooled down significantly. Then we came home and I made salmon for dinner. Shortly after that, Lydia arrived.

Monday I had a big test in nursing school, so I spent most of the day studying, after a short morning run. I am still car-less, but Janet is letting me borrow hers this week (she works from home). After the test, I came home to quite a domestic evening. I did some dishes and then made stuffed peppers that everyone told me they enjoyed (my recipe is green pepper + ground turkey + taco seasoning + salsa … with cheese optional). We spent the rest the evening cuddling and watching news parodies (TDS, Colbert, and finally The Newsroom). And James is an earlybird due to his job, so we called it an early night.

So the only thing to report is that this plan of ours to cohabitate is going quite well…even better than I expected. He really likes coming home to me in the evenings, in addition to his shorter commute. So our revised bonus plan is for him to spend his workweek here, and then I’ll spend weekends out with him, but not every weekend because I tend to be pretty busy. I think it’s the best of both worlds because it gives us “together time” on more days, interspersed with living our regular lives. Weekends together sometimes will be nice, but we will also have some solo times as well, which is important for both of us. Anyway, this was his suggestion last night, and as I told him, “no complaints from me.”

Today I will be studying (duh), practicing yoga (borrowing Janet’s car), and waiting not-so-patiently for the return of the man in my life.


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