26: Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

For my final trick as a. 25-year-old, I had a very productive day that started with a mental health clinical and ended with a movie night with Janet. In the interim, I used problem solving and it was super effective! My car is still on life support and the only financial stress associated with that (because my insurance is awesome) is the cost of the rental car (because for some reason, I did not have rental insurance on my policy). So I went in to chat with my insurance agents and they fixed that for me and helped me troubleshoot my current problem. First, I wanted a smaller (and cheaper per day) car. Second, I came to the realization that because James is going to be here all weekend (and into next week), I really didn’t even need a rental during that time. So, I confirmed that with him, checked with Janet about her previous offer to let me borrow her car (probably just for class and groceries), and then went about finding a ride back from the rental place. I realized that I needed to turn the car in Friday evening to avoid being charged for Saturday. Luckily, Stacy was able to come pick me up, and we ended up going to IHOP on the way home because she was craving the pumpkin pancakes. I got a chicken caesar and forgot just how good theirs is.

Once I got home, I met up with Janet and Nick and we played some Wii, then Nick went to bed and Janet and I watched The Host. It was a great (albeit, long) day.

This morning I woke up early to run a symbolic 6.26 miles for my 26th birthday. Now I am going to do a bit of tidying and homework before James arrives.


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