Changes in a Blink

Today has been a relatively uneventful and unproductive day, but first, I must pick up where I left off last post.
Little did I know what the rest of that day-which-began-with-an-extremely-early-start would bring me.  At first, it went according to plan.  I did some studying.  I supervised the relatively uneventful interactions of our four-legged charges, and I headed out for a lovely 5-mile run.  Exploring his neighborhood was fun, though it’s going to take me a little while to get used to the leash-less guard dogs.  I’m a city girl, and I have always been taught that strange dogs without leashes should not be trusted and are probably dangerous.  They probably think the same thing about strange people running with headphones on.  I was not attacked, but I was a little on edge in some parts of the neighborhood.

From there I gathered my school belongings and headed off through the woods in the opposite direction.  This class is the epitome of what I thought nursing school would be like…fast-paced, full of interesting anecdotes, and all critically important to memorize forever (or at least until I pass the NCLEX).  So with all that under my belt, I could hardly wait to get right back for a nice relaxing evening with my boyfriend.  All that was left was to make a quick stop at the grocery store.  If only life could have been that simple.

My poor car.  I don’t want to go into the details, except to say that the car-smushing accident in which I was involved hurt no people.  It didn’t even total my car, though if you saw it, you might be surprised that it didn’t.  I haven’t been in an accident in almost 9 years, and I’ve only had 1 other accident since I started driving.  It’s not fun.  The police took forever to get there (because why would they rush when it’s not an emergency, that’s just silly), the tow truck took EVEN LONGER, and I was in a whirlwind of explanations, phone calls, and disbelief at how such a brief moment in time could be causing me this much grief.  Luckily, Cathy and Brian came out to support me (read: rescue me), because without them I would have just felt utterly alone and consumed with despair.  Okay, it really wasn’t that bad, but it still felt pretty crappy at the time.

At the end of the day, I was able to get the car towed, get myself a rental, and make it back home…but not all the way out to James’s, which is where my dog and half of my stuff were.  So, I survived.  My insurance is paying for the vast majority of this incident.  And I’m getting my Fifi back later this month.

Tuesday, after doing homework, going to yoga, and contemplating all the government shutdown issues, I did make it back out to James’s place.  He’s a government employee, but was luckily not among those furloughed.  That meant another early morning for us, but we still made a quality evening out of Tuesday.

Wednesday morning was a bit abbreviated because I went into school early for a documentary screening, but I still managed a 4-mile run and a bit of studying.  I correctly estimated my commute time, but still ended up a little rushed because of how little time I left myself for lunch/Bonnie dropoff.  Fortunately, I was able to eat during the film.  Then all I had to get through was the 3-hour lecture, the AA meeting I attended with a classmate to observe, and my weekly chat with Carlie before I crashed.  I really don’t mean to imply that those things were bad.  The AA meeting was actually quite eye-opening, and my chats with Carlie are always awesome (and important, because we swore we wouldn’t lose touch when she moved this summer, and so far we have been doing a great job of avoiding that).  But I really was pretty tired by that point in my day.

That’s perhaps why this morning I just woke up a little bit….off.  I was able to get a lot of homework done, but not as much studying as I intended.  I went to yoga, but something was a little off today.  I even went to the dog park for the first time in a week.  I’m not sure what it is.  But I do know I have to leave this here because I have my first clinical for this new rotation tomorrow and I don’t want to be tired/late/grumpy because I overslept/underslept/underprepared.


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