Worlds Collide

I took my first day off from working out in about two weeks. It felt weird, but it was necessary for my sore muscles. I’ve been on a complete fitness kick, which is a habit I’ve been cultivating all year and am just kicking into high gear. My first half marathon is over and I won’t start extra training for the next one until December, so I’ve had to find other ways to fill that void in my schedule. School? What school? Hahaha.

What I did instead on Saturday was make stuffed peppers, work on homework, and then go to an amusement park with Janet. It was all decked out for Halloween and as crowded as I’ve ever seen it due to the perfect weather. We rode some of our favorite rides, got scared by the designated scary creatures, and even went through one haunted house (her first ever). It was a lot of fun!

Sunday I woke up for a lovely 5-mile run, notably my personal best time for that distance (under 58 min). I also used a heart rate monitor for the first time (borrowed from Stacy) and I was really intrigued by the results. My average HR was around 172 bpm, but I did some sprints to get it up to 180 just for a moment, then watched as I returned to my normal effort and my HR dropped back down to the low 170s. It was only after I returned home and googled that I determined just how high that HR is. Most websites say my absolute peak should be 165-170 bpm, and while 172 isn’t grossly outside that limit, remember that 165-170 should be the upper extreme. What I found most interesting is that even though I was pushing myself, it did not feel like as much of an effort as the numbers suggest. I was running alone, but I imagine I could have held a conversation if given the opportunity. This tells me that either the HR monitor is off, or something else is amiss. I’m going to schedule my 2013 annual physical before too long, and I’ll try to ask my doc what he thinks.

Anyway, the day continued with a neighborhood Skype with my friend Will who is currently living and teaching in the Middle East. I actually hadn’t SEEN him since he left, so that was a real treat. We had lots of laughs, mostly over the dumb things I was saying. My morning continued at a relaxed pace as I gathered my stuff together for the great forrest migration. Let me explain.

James and I are both busy individuals (he works and I have school plus part-time hours) and we generally don’t have time to see each other during the week. So he suggested we try something new and extend our time together during the week. Yes, we’ll still have our work and school, but we’ll be together in our free time. So I’m here at his place now. He gets up wicked early for work, and I got up with him. I’m going to spend the rest of my morning studying with a break for a run (when the sun comes up, that is). So far, I like this development. And if all goes according to plan, he’ll be doing the same thing at my place next weekend.


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