Fast-paced Friday

I’m in one of those stages again where I’m blogging all the time. I must be either really busy, really happy, or really not wanting to delve into homework.

Friday was productive, but slightly off schedule. I made my delicious banana bread in the morning then started some homework before yoga. I’ve reached another turning point in my yoga practice, because I can finally achieve a plow pose and a shoulder stand. Both poses still need improvement, but the fact that I can do them at all exceeds my former expectations.

After lunch, I managed to finish the primary homework (a quiz for my online class) before heading to a doc appointment. It was fine, but took too long. Then I met up with Lyds for a spontaneous shopping trip to buy running pants. She also gave me some of her old yoga pants 🙂

That made me late for my phone date with Lydia, but only slightly. We got all caught up while I drove home, took the dog for a walk, and I immediately turned around and drove to Stacy’s for dinner. Stacy is using eMeals, and she made us the most delicious salmon patties. I brought twice baked potatoes, which she enjoyed. Then we hung out for the rest of the evening with her boys.

That brings me to today. Plan A was to get up to go out with a new running group at 0555, but two things stand in the way of that 1) My lack of desire to run that early this time of year (cold!) and 2) The realization that I need a rest day. And I’m not just saying that. I’ve run 65 miles this month and have not taken an off-day (including cross training) since the 16th. My body is sore and needs time to recover. I am going to try the Sunday 8am running group instead, even if it is less well-attended. Or just run on my own tomorrow. Either way.

So the plan for the day is to study (duh), to make stuffed peppers and have my neighbor over for dinner, and to go with her to some Halloween festivities in the evening. Should be fun!


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