Endings and Beginnings

So this weekend was pretty great! Got up early on Saturday for a run, got in some studying, and then James came over. We went to the dog park to see our friends and then made salmon for dinner.

Sunday we had a relaxing morning and then went out for an adventure. Over the summer I won a 2-person 2-hour kayaking trip from my gym, and we went to redeem it. We each got our own sit-on-top kayaks and started out from a nifty dock launch. I’ve never seen one like it before and it made for easy self-launching. We had a nice, smooth trip down the creek. The weather was just ridiculously beautiful and pretty breezy for the most part. We made it down 3 miles to the next dock before turning around, and made it back just outside the 2 hours. But we still made time to pull our boats together for kayak kisses. Priorities 😉 It was quite a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

He headed back early in the evening, and I went to the dog park to procrastinate studying just a bit longer. Monday was a blur of testing, clinical prep, and heading to bed early. I did not go to the dog park, but took Bonnie on a 4-mile run with me instead.

Today (Tuesday) I finished my last clinical of Med/Surg. I came home, took a 5-mile solo run, then went to the dog park (good turnout tonight). After making dinner, I made some phone calls, watched some TV, and am calling it an early night.

Tomorrow I begin my next class, Mental Health Nursing and Thursday I have clinical orientation. But before that, I have a yoga practice and lots of reading to do.


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