Fair Weather Running?

(This was supposed to be posted Friday 9/20.) I hope I haven’t hit my stride this week exclusively because the weather has been so ridiculously fantastic. I hope it truly is because I am getting better at running and I’m driven to persevere. Because I’m really going to need that drive when the weather dives down below 40 in the coming months. I chickened out of running last winter, but this time I’ve got to push myself if I’m going to get through the Half-Marathon I have in March. But let me jump back to the present.

The weather has been, as I mentioned, phenomenal. I ran Monday and Tuesday on my new shoes. I wasn’t even planning to run Wednesday because I had yoga scheduled for the afternoon, but it was too pretty not to run! And then I ran 7 miles Thursday, just because I had the time and I felt like it. That’s an unusual amount of running for me, but all the runs have felt good and I haven’t been doing unreasonable distances.

I’ve also been on a 5-day dog park streak, which some would note is ambitious. But how can I justify not going when conditions are ideal? I go a lot when the weather stinks, so weeks like this are sort of my reward.

School is still frustrating, but I’m about to start my next 5-week class, so change is welcome.


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