Flip a Switch

So many of my habits seem to be ephemeral… here today, gone tomorrow.  This blog sometimes seems like one of them, but I like that I have it despite its irregularity.

Can’t possibly fill in everything from the past two weeks, so I’ll summarize.  School is mostly frustrating and stressful, but I really like the hand-on experiences I’m getting to do in my Med/Surg clinicals.  My social life is erratic, but more alive than you’d expect considering that I’m so busy with school.  Last weekend, I had scheduled work but they cancelled me, so I got to go to a Phi Mu social event that I had not expected to attend, which was really fun!


I’m feeling really great right now!  Got an early start, but after my clinical day, I took advantage of the great weather.  Not only did I run 5 miles (in my new Saucony shoes) but I took a dip in the pool afterwards.  One of those rare days that I could do both in the afternoon.  Then after a quick clean-up and dinner, I took Bonnie to the park.  It was so beautiful today!

This weekend I finally made it out to spend time with James at his new place.  The drive is unfortunate in length but pretty nonetheless.  We had an awesome time…took the dogs for a walk on the beach Saturday and then on a nature trail Sunday.  He’s still exploring the area, so we did a lot of scenic driving.

Also, Friday was exciting because I got to see Steve!  Met up with him and a couple others at Plaza for lots of delicious food, and he and I ended up having a great talk afterwards.  Then I got up early Saturday for The Color Run!  Carrie and I finished together, and I was so proud of her.  She’s a future runner – I just know it 🙂


That’s as far back as I can go without getting muddled.  All I know for sure is that this month (so far) has been a roller coaster of feelings and experiences.


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