Short and Sweet

Looking back on the past few days with rose colored glasses is pretty easy considering the good mood I am in right now. I had a relaxing afternoon running errands, treating myself to Panera, and catching up with my friend Amanda. Then I spent the evening with James. Now it is rainy and I am cozy on my couch after my weekly phone call with Carlie. I even organized over $100 in monthly savings by reorganizing my utilities. It’s been great!

But in reality it’s been a really rough week. Started with a great run on Monday. Then after class, headed down for pre-clinical meeting. My hospital is about 35 minutes away (with no traffic), so I carpooled with classmates. My clinical instructor is absolutely wonderful! On these days, we meet the patients we will care for the next day, and have the opportunity to look through their charts to develop a plan of care. But here’s the catch… We get home around 1700 and have to return by 0645 (which means leaving at or before 0600) the next morning. So in just over 12 hours, we each have a crazy amount of research on medications, disease processes, and nursing interventions to do. This week I was up til almost 2300 and woke up at 0445. Not ideal for being at my best.

The actual clinical time was great! They are easing us into things, so we mostly just watch procedures and ask questions. But soon we will be doing these things ourselves while being closely supervised by a licensed professional! There is so much to learn in the next few weeks!

So by the end of the shift Tuesday, I was so very tired, but I still had a lot more homework! I also had to take Bonnie to the vet to do something about her allergies (the answer is a short steroid course that I back off as she tolerates). By the end of the day, I just had to call it an early night and pick it back up this morning.

Class today was frustrating. I do not jive with our classroom instructor’s teaching style, and as a result, I feel drastically unprepared for next week’s test. But as I said, the day improved when I left school.

Tomorrow I have lots of studying planned, as well as a pre-race massage and dinner with AChan. Friday I help James with relocation. And then Saturday, I head down for the Half-Marathon! Woohoo!

So many things happening at once!


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