Beautiful Day

If I didn’t know any better, I would swear today was fall! I went out on a run this morning at 8:45am and the temp was in the 60s! It maybe got up to 70 by the time I headed back home. What a perfect start to the morning…and the week!

By the late morning, I meandered over to James’s place. I hung out while he was packing, because his big move is still on for Friday. I keep telling myself it’s only 45 minutes, so things will only be slightly more logistically complicated. We ended up going for a walk, because it was just too nice to stay inside. And then I left in time for a trip to the dog park, where I got more quality outside time.

I’ve been studying and chatting with friends this evening, but in a very nice and relaxed way. So it’s not like it put a damper on my delightful day.

Tomorrow I start my first full week classes, including my very first Med/Surg clinical days!


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