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So I have been driving all over creation to see friends, family, and then to finally return home. In the span of 6 days I managed to pass through 5 different states, though I was only sleeping in 2 different guest rooms. After leaving from my visit with Norma, I headed about 4 hours north to stay with Carlie and David in their new home. It was such a treat to have the opportunity to see it so soon after they moved in. It’s really beautiful and open-feeling, while also being right in the center of town, and within walking distance to David’s work and any number of stores, including a decent grocery.

While I was there, I enjoyed some of David’s delicious cooking (including breaded chicken and grilled salmon), celebrate Henry’s 4th birthday (including sprinkle pancakes and ice cream cake), went with Carlie and the kids to an awesome zoo, and just enjoyed their company by hanging out. Bonnie was happy to be there, too, because she loves David and Ben especially, and gets along well with their dogs.

I was also there because it happened to be a mere 2 hours from the wedding of some dear AmeriCorps friends. It was quite the reunion of TLs, which always brings back fond memories of those California days.

Here we are:


So that was most of my Saturday. In the evening, after putting the kids to bed, Carlie, David and I played quite the rousing game of Family Feud on Wii. Sometimes the answers are so dumb, but it’s still fun to guess. Game nights are some of the things I’ll miss most about their departure. But they’re coming down to visit sometime next month, so maybe we’ll get another chance then.

Sunday I got a decently early start and enjoyed most of my drive until I hit traffic in the final 2 hours. I did have a nice lovely chat with Purcella that helped to pass the time. And I arrived about 30 minutes later than planned, which only threw off my day slightly. Rebecca was in my living room when I arrived, because I had given her the key to be able to come over while I was away and watch the Doctor Who episodes I had on TiVo. Later on, James came over, and boy was he a sight for sore eyes. We ended up watching an episode of DW and also the pilot of Breaking Bad. We made plans for tonight as well, trying to sneak in as much quality time as possible before school starts for me and his move to the new house (about 40 mins away).

And then this morning…I ran 12 miles! Had to do it on the treadmill due to the rain, but it was a success! Now I have 13 more days before the half, and the longest run I do between now and then will probably be 6 miles this weekend. I’m feeling positive, feeling ready, and trying not to sit too still today so I’m not crazy sore tomorrow.


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