Wacky Week

This Monday was one of the toughest ever for me, because I had to say goodbye to some amazing friends as they moved away. Really, in my heart, they are as close as family, so as happy as I am that a positive career opportunity is the reason for their move, it just means I am going to miss them even more. They stayed with me all weekend because we packed the bulk of their stuff on Friday. It’s so hard for me to imagine my life here without them, especially seeing their kids as they grow up, but it’s not as though I will never see them again. I already have plans to see them later this month, and the rest we will figure out as we cross those bridges.

A major player in the fact that I am not more of a complete emotional basket-case over their departure has got to be James. I’ve been hesitant to mention him on forums as public and permanent as the internet, but we’ve been seeing each other exclusively for about a month. He was the one I turned to after they left on Monday when I was lonely and needed a comforting presence to console me. We ended up going for a lovely walk on a nearby trail system. (Different than our walks in the woods behind his place where we let dogs run off-leash.) I actually met him back in January at a dog park event, and we became casual friends over the course of dog park sightings, movies, and other group gatherings. There was really not much of a ramp-up between our friendship and the start of our relationship, but as I got to know him, I could tell he was the kind of guy I could trust and have as a part of my life. It feels pretty great to have James in my life, and I’m looking forward to what the future brings for us.

Tuesday, I did all sorts of health maintenance activities, like doctors visits and a sports therapy massage for my running health. All news (like no cavities!) has been good news, and I really am ready to get back to running like a champ.

Wednesday, I worked a nice and easy double shift. I always appreciate those, because sometimes work can really be quite taxing, mentally and physically. I slept a good chunk of Thursday, but had an exciting reason to get up early. My friend Heather’s parents got her last-minute tickets to an awesome concert at a really nice venue. (I don’t want to say more because I try to keep this blog location-anonymous.) So, I drove down to see her and we had quite an excellent time! She’s a sorority sister, but a few years younger, and we have a scarily similar taste in music/books/etc. Needless to say, we are going to be hanging out again soon.

Today I am taking it easy and getting some things done around the house and a bit of prepping for school. I’ll probably go to the dog park if the weather cooperates. Tomorrow morning, I am getting up before the dawn to finally run 11 miles. The big race is just 3 weeks away, so I am pumped and ready to kill it!


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