Back to Square One

So this whole not running thing has been interesting. It’s not like I’ve been doing nothing, but it’s been strange to be ruled less by the sunrise schedule. But I decided the rest would do my knee some good. It remains to be seen after my appointment today if that was enough.

Going back a week, last Thursday Molly and I met up for a delicious kebab lunch before I went in to work a double shift. It was a relatively calm shift, and I actually had time to sit and interact with the kids (they painted my nails). Then Friday I slept until the afternoon, when I had a bunch of my friends-with-kids over for a pool party. It was fun! Kind of Carlie’s last hurrah before her family moves next week. Then, after they all left to put kids to bed, Lydia came over and we watched a movie and got in some good quality time. It was her last night in town before heading off to grad school. Very sad how so many of my friends are leaving me.

Saturday James came by with his two dogs and we started the process of socializing them by taking them on a short walk around my neighborhood. It did not go well at first. We had to keep Bonnie in a crate at his place that first day because we were nervous about bad interactions. Saturday evening we were supposed to meet up with a group for Red 2, but by the time we arrived at the theater it was sold out. We think some of our group got there early enough to get tickets, because we never found them. We decided to stay and see The Wolverine with Zach. It was pretty good, though I felt like it was one of those movies that would have meant more to me had I actually followed the comic books.

On Sunday, we mostly just hung out. He’s introducing me to shows like Game of Thrones and games like Portal 2. Very entertaining. The weather was nice, though, so we took the dogs on a walk in the woods behind his place. This time, all the dogs were off-leash and it went a lot better than I expected. Bonnie actually had a blast and got quite filthy playing in the creek. She even sort of played with his dogs. After the walk and 3 doggie baths, we tried letting them interact indoors freely. There were a few tense moments, but it went better than Saturday. I am hopeful, but I think we’ve still got a long way to go.

Nothing very exciting happened Monday, other than going to the dog park and hanging out with Carlie – our last girls night at my house before she moves. Tuesday I had Carrie and her kids over for the pool, then I went to training. And yesterday, I tried running again for the first time in a week.

All week, I’ve faithfully been taking a prescription anti-inflammatory and also “resting” relative to running. I told myself when I went out that I would stop if I felt any pain, and aim for 3 miles. Well, I made it 4.5 in 60 minutes with no pain, and decided not to push my luck any further for now. Before, the pain has always started around 40-45 mins, so I am hopeful some real healing has occurred. I am halfway worried I won’t be able to get anything useful out of my ortho appointment today because I am pain-free.

After the run, I did have an evening shift at work. I got to work with my favorite little patient again. Nothing dramatic happened. And I didn’t get stuck on night shift. Today I am doing some yoga, ortho, and hopefully taking Carlie and David to the park one last time.


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