Like a Boss!

I am feeling really productive so far this week! Tuesday I had a really great yoga practice…feeling stronger and more flexible than ever, though certainly there is still much room for improvement! It was unfortunately too rainy for the dog park, so I had a nice relaxed evening, and went to bed early.

Wednesday started out bright and early as I had an 8am training at work. Of course, in typical work style, it ran later than planned, which crunched the rest of my day! I ran by the ReStore to drop off some furniture and dishes, by CVS to get some items for a care package, and then over to Marty’s to give her dog his allergy shot. After that, I ran home to grab a superfast late lunch, then headed straight to the dog park. I felt so guilty for Bonnie not getting to go due my crazy schedule and the weather, I went even though it was the middle of the day and no one else was there. From there, I dropped her off at Carlie’s and went to the core-n-more class at the gym (always kicks my butt), and back to Carlie’s to babysit. The kids were very good for me – cooperative and helpful. We ate dinner, played, put Ben to bed, cleaned up, and then Henry and I waited for his parents to get home (with their permission, because it was a little past his normal bed time). I didn’t do much when I got back home before bed, because…

I was up before the sunrise this morning! I actually got my butt in gear, and was out the door before 5:30, and running by 5:45. The weather was HOT but at least I beat sunrise by a few minutes and it remained overcast for 90% of the 9.5 mile run. Oh my – if you had told me last year, when I had never even run a 10k before, that I would be running these distances this summer, I would not have believed you. And I did this one in under 2 hours, picking up my per mile pace by 30 seconds compared to last week’s 9-miler!

Running has become so much more than a pastime for me. It’s my drive, my goal, and even my pleasure at times. It definitely helps that this summer I am breaking records every single week. What an ego boost! But it’s more than just that… I can see myself getting better and feeling better on each run. And I am still feeling so lucky that I haven’t injured myself. Every day is a gift, and today more than ever, I am feeling the benefits of my hard work.


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