Warped weekend

So, the weekend just flew by in a blur! Had a great time Friday with the big dog park group going out and about in town, and I ended up staying out later than expected. For a quiet little town, a surprising number of drunk people were present. It’s not really my scene, so finally Steve and I departed and went to grab a hot beverage.

Saturday morning I slept in because I had scheduled an evening-night double at work. The shifts went pretty well… I got to work with some of my favorite staff on evening, and got my hair braided by a patient. Then on night I had a nice conversation with the RN. The only problem was when the kids started waking up too early before the extra staff on day shift arrived. When trying to convince one patient to go back to sleep (or at least be quiet and stop running around), he spit at my and threw his shoe at my head. However, once the RN took him and some of the other kids out to the enclosed playground, another really adorable patient woke up, met me, called me beautiful, and had a dance party while waiting for his shower. It was adorable.

I slept most of Sunday, but woke up in time to catch a movie with Steve and James. ‘This is the End’ was actually much funnier than I expected, and we were all cracking up in the theater.

Monday I was pretty relaxed. I eventually made it to the gym and ran 4 miles. I made a quick trip to the grocery store. I wanted to go to the dog park, but it was storming on and off all day. Carlie came over for our usual hang out and helped me do a bit of organizing. I stayed up too late and have, as a result, slept in today. Gym (and hopefully dog park) later, and organizing in the mean time.


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