9 miles and counting!

I almost can’t believe it, but the GPS in my phone does not lie…I cranked out 9 miles this morning! And I squeaked in under 13min/mile, which is awesome considering there were 3 water breaks included in that pace.

Of course, even though I was out of bed by 5am, I didn’t get to my start (I biked the 1 mile there because I don’t like running that stretch…especially coming back at the end of the run when it’s both hot and sunny) until 6:15, and my official RunKeeper start time is 6:22. But I finished that damn run in under 2 hours, and I am so proud of that! My strategy was to do the loop x 4, but I cut the 0.3 corner two times. Next long run, I plan to do the loop x 4 and cut no corners, which should hit me between 9-10 miles. I wonder if I am ever going to get bored of the loop? It has become such a comfort zone this summer, and I like all the shade and the lack of road crossings. But I feel like I should branch out a bit. Maybe one of my 10 mile runs?

My favorite part of the run was this one lady I saw 3 times on the loop (we were going in opposite directions). Every time she saw me, she told me I was really workin it, and it always made me smile 🙂

Yesterday I took it easy. Trained at 11am (shoulders/chest/triceps), had lunch, hung out with Lydia (she kept me company while I worked on cleaning out my closet), and then went to the dog park and Trader Joe’s. I tried to go to bed early, but I must have tossed and turned for at least an hour. Still, I got up and did what I had to!

Today Carrie and the kids are coming over to play games, followed by dog park, and then the gang is getting together to wish Steve well before his big move north. So sad to see him go, but hopefully he will come back and visit often basically all the time 🙂


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