Progress in Different ways

Yesterday I was very busy accomplishing a whole bunch of random things! I found some more things to help complete the bathroom – I’d say it’s at 85% since Lydia and I installed 1 towel bar. I went to Home Depot, Lowes, the outlets, GameStop, and the grocery store. I also did a yoga-fusion training session at my trainer’s house. It was something new and different for me, and while I liked it, I think I prefer regular yoga or strength training separately. One crazy thing though… I successfully did Dancer’s Pose at that session, which was something I could not do as a yoga student 3 years ago.

I ended the day with dinner at Plaza with Lydia! From there we went to the dog park…then got ice cream…then watched Wreck-It Ralph (new to her)…THEN we worked on hanging towel bars and finally I showed her the infamous birthday photos. It was such a fun evening with a friend I’ll miss greatly when she leaves for grad school later this summer.

Today I slept in a bit, but made it to the gym for a late morning workout. I was feeling strong, so I ran the 6 miles I planned at a much faster pace than usual. I surprised myself! It’s definitely easier for me to accomplish a faster pace when it is on a controlled setting like the treadmill. I wonder when that will translate into faster outdoor runs? Here’s hoping soon…

The rest of the day I have spent cooking and cleaning, which is more necessary considering Carlie and family will be at my house later today to swim! I made stuffed peppers, bean salad, cleaned the kitchen, and did a load of laundry. Now I am headed to work on the upstairs somewhat…

And, here’s another interesting fact… As of today’s run, I have conquered 48 miles in June. So my crazy self wants to keep breaking records and do my 9mile run on Friday. I hope to break 60 miles this month and that early 9 is kind of just like catching up for the week I missed. Is it crazy to do 3.5, 8, 6, then 9 miles, with 1 cross training days in between each? Is it too much? I feel so strong right now, though! I want to keep pushing forward!

Either way, I’ll break 50 miles this month and probably 75 next month. I’m pretty proud of myself so far 🙂


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