High Fives?

So apparently I can’t manage to write daily. I seem to only think of it every five days or so, but I am trying to cover the gaps.

So on Tuesday I did manage to fit in my long run, despite the weather. I got a slightly later start than planned, but it did not end up actually raining on me, despite the extreme humidity and threatening clouds. I biked to the loop and did it three times, with the middle lap reversed. I do find that opposite direction MUCH more difficult, so I am trying to justify doing it. It’s a trade-off between the discomfort of the long uphill vs the boredom of running the same way multiple times.

I spent the rest of Tuesday running errands for myself, for friends, and strength training at the gym. I wound up the day with the dog park and the pool, so I was definitely keeping busy.

On Wednesday, I agreed to babysit for my friend’s 5-month-old for the duration of the work day, which wound up being an even more trying experience than I expected. However, it ended on a high note, because I had a whole gaggle of friends and their kids over for an impromptu pizza and pool party. My neighbors even joined us at the pool! It was great, but I ended that day quite tired.

Thursday morning, I did yoga at my trainer’s house, and that was pretty much all I accomplished before going in for an evening shift at work. I got to work with my favorite people, so that went as well as can be expected. We had a crazy storm and lost power, so I ended up driving around town after my shift…just because. By the time I woke up, though, power was back at my house.

On Friday, I tried to start my day off right by going to the gym, but they were still power-less, so I ended up extending my bike ride to the grocery store, and then doing some Wii dancing when I got home. Then I went to the dog park mid afternoon and returned to pack my bag for the pre-race overnight at Regan’s.

This brings us to today, Saturday. We arose bright and early to get another sorority alum and travel down to the 8k on the waterfront. Everything about the travel and registration went smoothly, which has not always been my luck at races and was a welcome change 🙂 The weather was cool, but definitely warmed up by the time we finished – 1:01, by the way. We met some other alumnae there, and enjoyed our surprise finisher medals immensely! After the race, we tried a delicious new breakfast place, and I stayed to hang out at Regan’s for a bit before heading home.

Since then, I have done a few slightly productive things, but not as much as I planned. I am headed to the dog park soon, then back to eat a late dinner. Tomorrow morning I plan to run… Not sure how far or fast, but the weather looks like it will be too beautiful to pass up!


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