Potential Potentially

I think I’m migrating to a new blog.  I’ve started it, but I haven’t shared it with anyone, so if someone happened to find it, that would only be an accident.  Really what I’ve realized is that this blog is getting tough to keep up because I don’t have a theme.  The theme is everything.  So I start to feel guilty when I don’t write about anything, and then the problem gets worse.  But let’s give it one last hurrah and maybe I will change my own mind.  Either way, I’m planning to move forward with the new blog because it will be thematic and purposeful.  The role of this blog would become a home for whatever doesn’t fit there.  And hey, it’s tough to be any less regular than I’ve been.  Okay, let’s begin the end…for now.

So yesterday I finished up my huge block of four tests, and to celebrate, I baked dozens of cookies.  I’m not really sure how many I ended up making, but I had a guest to keep me company, and lots of tupperware to mail them off to my relatives.  Now, the genius in this plan (if only sarcasm could be less bluntly alluded) is that I decided on Friday night to bake fresh cookies for people I care about.  FRIDAY NIGHT.  Do you know what a bad idea this was?  I’ll tell you.  I had to not only put together their whole Christmas packages, write all of their cards (which involved futzing with the photo printer for almost an hour), and pack all of the boxes.  I ended up at 1:30am with cookies made, letters written, boxes packed, but no packing tape in sight.

The other factor that made this plan even more perfect is that I had plans this morning which required me to be up by at least 8am anyway.  So what did I do?  I got up at 7:30, took care of the dog, and then hustled out the door (forgetting breakfast on the end table) to go mail things!  But did you know that it’s nearly impossible to mail things on a Saturday morning?  I sure didn’t!  Kinkos, usually open for freakishly long hours, decides to sleep in on Saturdays.  The post office in my area didn’t open til 9am.  I discovered this at 8:20 when I had to be somewhere 50 minutes away at 9:30.  So I drove and drove to my destination, hoping to stop by a post office nearby before my planned arrival.  So it’s about 9:15 and I’m feeling great, and then when I drove up to the post office, I saw this BIG SIGN that says they don’t open til 10am!  It was a continuous catastrophe!  Fortunately, my friends were understanding and we waited around until 10am rolled around and my pumpkin turned back into a chariot.  They even gave me some packing tape so I could just drop and go at the actual post office!  Huzzah!

From that point on, the day was amazing!  It was just like in that song “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…”  The fog lifted (literally) and we enjoyed an unseasonably warm December day at the zoo!  It had been awhile…about two years…since I had been there, and they had opened up a brand new exhibit!  My favorites were the giraffes (obviously), but we saw a baby siamang nursing and a squirrel monkey in another exhibit came right up to the glass and interacted with me (giving me an adorable picture to boot).

Once I left the zoo, I gave a call to another friend of mine who I’ve been out of touch with in the past few weeks due to poorly timed unavailability.  We had a surprise impromptu get-together including lunch (for her….salad for me since I technically ate an early lunch at the zoo) and a quick Christmas shopping trip.

And then I booked it back home to make it to the dog park in time.  Bonnie was sure happy to be there (as she always is).  She especially likes playing with her dog friends Mindy and Arrow across the fence, and I like talking to their owners, so it all works out!  And then, to round out this delightful day, I had a nice relaxing evening at home watching Boy Meets World.  I forgot how adorable that show was, and I’m counting it as research towards the upcoming reboot, Girl Meets World.  I have high hopes that it will be great, but only time will tell!


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