Old Friends in New Places

This week I’ve been visiting my friend Jess in her new grad school town.  She had just moved down here and spent the previous week getting the apartment set up with the help of her wonderful family.  I was lucky enough to be free just after her family departed and before my fall classes began.  So we planned it, and we followed through on our plan!  Very exciting.  We’ve been doing that all week. 

The first night she made me a delicious chicken dinner with spinach and a glass of wine.  We stayed up way too late talking because of course we hadn’t seen each other in way too long.  But it was awesome.  Then the next day we went to campus to meet up with some of her new classmates and do new-student-type errands.  And then we ended up spending the afternoon with them walking around campus and making a stop at Sweet Frog.  Both to and from campus, we took the very efficient (and free!) bus system.  It was only about 10 minutes each way, so as long as you time the bus arrivals, it’s quite quick to get to campus.  Later that evening, we met up with a fellow sorority sister, Kaitlyn, to grab dinner.  We ended up exploring the really nice mall one town over and having delicious dinner and drinks over there.

The next day we got kind of a late start as we browsed pictures and did around-the-house errands.  We headed out to another nearby town to check out a Kirkland’s for some over-the-sofa artwork.  Luckily, we found a piece that works quite well and (much to my surprise) fit in Jess’s car.  In the afternoon, we went to go get pedicures at a place around the corner.  Unfortunately, the first place we went had a funny smell and wouldn’t take us for an hour, so we moved on.  The second place was quite nice.  Jess used one of her own nail colors (a shade of red) and I got my nails painted a bright orange (because…why not?). 

In the evening, our main task was hanging the picture, which we accomplished with the advice of Jess’s dad (over the phone), a little luck, and a lot of pure awesomeness and teamwork!  I mean, come on, how often do two gals get a huge 4’x4′ picture hung perfectly straight on the first try!??  Then we moved on to more important adult-like activities such as watching Toy Story, making cookies, and drinking daiquiris.  That’s where we are right now, so I’ll get back to it!  Having a great visit and heading home tomorrow.


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