First in a long time

Hello world.  I don’t know why I’m writing this on my public blog, but it’s on my mind and I am procrastinating on my weekend of studying.  I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.  There’s been some exciting news that I can’t talk about yet…  I’ve told many of my friends, but it’s not OFFICIAL so I don’t want to put it on the internet.  Look for an update to my ‘About Me’ on facebook in the next few weeks, though.  But that’s not what’s weighing on my mind…

I’ve had a certain someone on my mind a lot recently.  It’s a friendship rooted in the past, and recently revived in the present.  It’s one of those times when a person just sticks with you, even though so many moons passed in your absence.  I’ve had this friend on my mind so much more often than I expected and thus I’m a little bit too wrapped up in it.  I’m not sure what to do about it.  The real problem here is that despite all obstacles, I want this friendship to be more than friendship.  This feeling may or may not be unrequited, but I’ll never know because I don’t have the courage to ask him.  I oscillate back and forth between a feminist-inspired desire to make the first move, and a negative view inspired byHe’s Just Not That Into You.  I think I should just chill out, but it’s nearly impossible to bypass my emotions.  So, I wait. 

I really need to study this weekend, or else I won’t do well on my upcoming test.  And there’s no sense in letting a boy distract me from doing well.  Maybe I’m too pragmatic for my own good?


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