I Really Don’t Blog When I’m in the Zone

This week has been CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES, much like the Gilmore Girls reference to Lorelei’s request for “COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE” but less amusing.  It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day was just last weekend…and it was that lack of Monday classes that really threw off my whole week.  All of a sudden, everything hit me at once and I didn’t know which fire to put out first.  I ended up getting everything done, but the exhaustion I’ve felt so far this weekend is really putting me behind for next week’s classes.  I’ll get through it, but not as gracefully as I’d like.

In other news, I’m really enjoying spending time with my summer roommate.  She’s great.  We’ve just been having random TV marathons together (while I study) because we’re both kind of boring.  But in a good way.  I’m jealous that she doesn’t have schoolwork, and she’s jealous of the free time I have while she’s working 9-5.  But in the evenings we connect and there is much merriment!

I shaved my dog!  For the first time ever, the groomers gave her a “puppy cut” at my request.  I just wanted to see what it would look like!  Bonnie looks strange, but I kind of like it.  With this cut, you can tell that she’s got a healthy physique, which I really like. 

I’m back to making flashcards to memorize words.  This is, of course, for my anatomy class.  Never have I encountered a class where so much memorization was necessary.  However, my brain is really good at memorizing things.  I stink at learning languages, and I struggle to write papers, but I can memorize and make connections where many people cannot.  I’m more than a little proud of the things that I am able to memorize, and it definitely comes in handy in classes like this.

Also, I’ve started to get a little paranoid about food.  This nutrition class has been quite enjoyable, but definitely eye-opening.  It’s so difficult to eat well!  It requires CONSTANT VIGILANCE (Harry Potter reference) and a lot of self-control.  But as much work as it takes to eat right, I think in the end it’s worth the struggle.  I don’t want to be one of those feeble retirees.  It’s entirely possible to have a healthy life until you’re 90; my grandfather did it!  And I have some of his genes in me!  But it’s up to me to make healthier, more nutritious choices.

An apple a day (within a fruit/vegetable/whole grain/lean meats/low-fat dairy diet) keeps the doctor at bay!


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