Archive | May 23, 2012

This is Not My Life

Seriously, I’m having a tough time getting a handle on life right now.  I can hardly believe that my Little graduated less than 10 days ago.  Life has been insanity since then!  I literally had plans every night of last week, from making pizza in with Emily to movie night with Lydia, because I had to get up early Saturday morning for a 5k.  I spent exactly 22 hours visiting my friend Purcella at her grad party, not including driving.  That was after the morning race.  Then Sunday I only had time to go to the dog park before I had to focus on my homework!

Yesterday night I took Lyds to a concert for her birthday.  It was awesome…mosh pit and all!  It was my first time at that venue, which made it quite a memorable experience.  Also, it was one of Lyd’s favorite bands, so I loved getting to experience it with her.  And then tonight, “the gang” and I met up to see a movie.  It’s madness, I tell you, because I’m doing it all while balancing three summer classes.  I’m going to have to slow the pace down pretty soon, or else I will end up compromising either my grades or my sanity!  Too bad I am spending an entire 4-day weekend visiting my grandmother back in my hometown.  I’m going to have to bring the study materials and squeeze in a fair amount of work in order to keep my head above water!

What I think it so funny about all of this is that my summer roommate moved in the weekend of graduation, and so she’s literally only seen me in this complete overdrive mode.  I keep trying to assure her that this is not the normal pace of my life!  It only seems like I’m an overbooked socialite!  I haven’t even been keeping up with my TV shows…THAT’S how busy I’ve been!  And what’s worse is that I have actually had to turn down plans with people recently, which I hate having to do.  I love having plans and spending time with my friends, I just don’t know if I can afford to do it as much as I have been.

Gosh, I really do sound like I’m complaining.  I promise I’m not!  I’m really happy, I just need to take the less-fun parts of life a little more seriously or else it’s really going to catch up with me.