Archive | May 16, 2012

Not Really Sure

Life is uncertain.  I didn’t really need to say that, because it’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s living.  Pain is everywhere, it seems.  Happiness is everywhere, too, but it seems like there is not a single person in the world who is perfectly happy and content.

There are only so many hours in the day…so how should we be spending them?  Most would agree that you need to work, because you need to make money, because you need money to live in this world.  You need money for rent, to buy food and clothes, to travel, and to do pretty much everything.  So you trade your time and talents for money, which allows you the “freedom” to live your life.

While there is no such thing as a free ride, and you certainly have to work for any accomplishment worth having, I can’t help but wonder why money is the middle man?  Let’s think about it…  The majority of people in this country have jobs that, should society collapse tomorrow, are completely useless.  Pushing paper, designing things for people to buy, and selling things to people are all jobs that are not REALLY worth the money they are paid to do them.  Ultimately, all we need to live is food, shelter, and clothing.  But to live in society, you “need” so much more.  And there are a lot of positive things that come with living in society.  But I wonder what exactly we are giving up to earn the money we”need” to “live.”‘

Please don’t think I’m insulting any specific person, or any specific job, because I’m not.  They all have value in our society.  It’s society that I’m questioning…  And that brings me to my next complaint.

For a myriad of reasons, individuals in our society are becoming more and more isolated.  Blame it on our unhealthy diets, instant-gratification culture, or low self-esteem, but more and more of us are staying cooped up indoors in front of our computers.  I’ve noticed it in myself more than ever in the past 5 years!  But why are we doing that?  Why are we trading real human connections for things that are posted on the internet or written by TV networks?  I kind of feel like the two people in Wall-E who woke up before the rest.  And even though they had woken up, they were still alone because everyone else was still plugged in!

It’s all connected.  I’m feeling discontented.  I realize that I have an addiction to technology and media, particularly the internet and facebook.  I wonder how I can either wake up and unplug from this.  And I also wonder how, in this digitally driven world, I’m going to make real connections with other people.

The way my slightly older friends describe it, when they were my age, groups of young people used to meet up and do things together other than get drunk at bars!  There were parties and dances and outings where normal people met up with their friends and met other normal people.  That’s how friends were made and relationships formed!  Now, everybody sits at home and yells into the abyss (read: the internet) and hopes their soulmate will magically find them.  But how is this going to happen?  And if it happens online, is it real or artificial?

In summary, I am feeling lonely in this world full of connections.  I am feeling like many things in life, including money, have no real purpose.  I am wondering what I would do if tomorrow all technology ceased to exist.  And I am wondering how I will make new, real connections in this lonely world.