Alone in a Crowd

I wonder if I am the only person who LOVES the fact that everything I do online is documented?  I don’t mean literally everything (every search, website visited, etc)…but everything that I post on facebook is there forever.  I like that!  I think it represents a partial history of my life.  I can look back on those posts and think fondly about what I was feeling at the time and who was interacting with me.

For instance, it’s tough to believe, but less than a month ago, my life was completely different!  I can look back on those posts right before my personal apocalypse began to commence and see the innocence and ignorance of what was in store for me. 

I just think it’s kind of cool to have that kind of perspective.  Of course, the tradeoff for gaining that perspective is that I am spending WAY too much time online lately.  I kind of need to stop it.  But I enjoy it so! 


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