Right now

I’m exhausted, both emotionally and physically.  Some pretty rough stuff has been happening.  Some tough stuff has been happening, too.  All of this has basically been causing the thoughts in my head to resemble the bubbles in a pot of boiling water.  This much stress and over-thinking can’t be good for my health!  I’m trying to remain calm and keep everything in perspective, but it’s not working right now!  I could easily be sad…devastated…and crumble under the pressure, but that’s not where my mind is going.  If anything, I’m responding to this all by pushing back towards it, but I’m not doing it with a clear head.

For various reasons, I simply cannot complain about what’s actually going on…even in vague terms.  So instead, I’m going to channel my frustrations into a proxy…Season 2 of The Voice.  I’ve been liking the format of the show much better this year, mostly because it hasn’t been as rushed as last season.  But I have NOT liked the results of the remaining contestants.  Last year, I zeroed in on Javier from his first appearance on the show, and I was not disappointed at and point, because he was THE winner.  This year, it’s a completely different story!  On Team Blake and Team Adam, ALL of my favorites have been voted off, and on Team Christina and Team CeeLo, there’s only ONE person left that I like.  That brings the total people I’m rooting for to TWO, and neither have been America’s Save, so they’re basically doomed to go home next week. 

I really hate how this season, The Voice is tipping its hand completely about who is ahead in the rankings.  I MUCH prefer the elimination format of SYTYCD, where the only results revealed are the BOTTOM dancers, and then one of them goes home.  So, you only ever know who’s doing worst, never who’s soaring ahead of the pack.  When you know who America’s save is every time, it takes some of the fun out of guessing.  I also kind of hate how the best person from each team goes to the final, as opposed to just the best four singers in the competition.  I think the singers should be competing against all the other teams right from the start, and not just in the finale. 

But what gets me really emotional is that in the past two weeks, both Mathai and RaeLynn have left the show.  I loved both of them SO SO SO MUCH!  They are both such creative artists with completely original voices.  I feel like in both cases, the artists that Blake and Adam picked over them were so much less original.  I don’t watch the show to just to watch people belt high notes; I want to watch people who have a new spin!  Neither RaeLynn or Mathai took a wrong turn at any point during the competition…but yet their coaches both chose to let them go!  I don’t think it’s fair!  Both of them have huge fan bases and are wonderful performers, whereas both Erin and Katrina look awkward and uncomfortable on stage.  I get that this show is not a beauty contest, but I do think Mathai and RaeLynn should get credit for being so much more entertaining on stage than many of the remaining contestants!  Grrr I wish they were still there!  I am so deflated about The Voice now…I may stop watching and participating.

But The Voice isn’t really the REASON I’m so upset right now…I’m just choosing to vent and channel some of my anger towards that because my real problems are too intense to be discussed here.


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