It’s the Perfect Dayyy!

I just decided something…  Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, there can be many things that are simultaneously perfect.  For something to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be the ultimate best-case-scenario of all time.  Instead, to earn the title of perfect in my book, something only needs to be “just right” for the moment.  And today was definitely one of those days!

My Little is graduating with her Master’s in a matter of days, and so we are trying to take advantage of the time we have left together by doing superawesome things!  Today’s thing was going to a theme park, because we live near one that we really like!  It’s full of delicious food, cute animals, fantastic shows, and fun rides!  We started off the day with the food, then we saw some animals.  Both of us got to hold an adorable screech owl named Pickwick!  Throughout the day we saw FOUR shows, three of which were new to her, one that was new to me (but as a I am a more frequent patron, that was bound to happen), and all of which were delightful!  We also enjoyed some traditional rides like the carousel (shhh, we’re not 20-somethings with no kids) and the-one-that-claims-to-get-you-soaked-but-you-think-will-be-okay-anyway.  Newsflash: you always end up drenched!  On this ride, we met three very nice guys who wanted to ride it with us again…the only catch is that they were all under the age of 13, haha.  And, against all odds, I got my dearest Little to ride a coaster BY CHOICE!  There wasn’t even any guilt at all!  And, spoiler alert..we survived! 

But what made the day great was not specifically what we did, or how short the lines were (relatively), or how perfect the weather was…  Today was perfect because we were together!  I’ve known my dear Little for four years now, and we were basically besties from day one.  Who says forced friendship in sororities is always a bad thing?  Through all the years of our friendship, she can brighten my dreariest day and make anything that is good become even better. 

Some other great things happened today, too!  After returning home from the park, I took Bonnie out for a walk and some really cute kids in my neighborhood came up and wanted to play with her.  I think she was the tiniest bit overwhelmed, but she always bears it gracefully/enthusiastically; she doesn’t shy away like other dogs, but she does get confused about who to lick next!  Anyway, I had only met one of those kids before, so it was an exciting event!

And then when I got back inside, the world rejoiced at the long-awaited long-distance reunion of me & roomiefacebutt.  We had been slacking on our weekly phone calls, which are normally over an hour, so this was a marathon!  Two hours later, I think the only thing that stopped us was that both of us were out of breath.  But she always makes me happy, and our talk made my already perfect day THAT MUCH better. 

So I AM HAPPY RIGHT NOW.  Tired, but happy.  Because, oh yeah, on Friday, I ran 5 miles in the afternoon and then went on an Adventure in the evening that also involved running.  And then tomorrow I’m planning to sing in church, eat at lunch with dog park friends, Skype in the afternoon with a France-type friend, go to the dog park, AND THEN have dinner with the girls!  LIFE IS BUSY BUT IT’S ALL GREAT STUFF SO I DARE NOT COMPLAIN ❤

…and I didn’t even have dessert tonight; that’s how high I am on life!


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