I Want to Rock and Roll All Night

…and party every day!  Except that my version of rock’n’roll style partying involves listening to audiobooks while I play on the internet, or having a few friends over to play games, or going out to dinner and drinks with a friend.

Life has been calm.  Despite all of the various things that have been happening, my schedule has been fairly flexible, and thus I have had plenty of time to do whatever I please.  And I like it.  Not many people are lucky enough to have this freedom that I have, which is part of the reason I wanted to take a moment to really appreciate it.  *Deep breath*

I also realize that there will be phases in my life where it is not as easygoing as it is right now.  Right now, part-time work and part-time school, no significant other, no family to raise… combined with good friends, good dog, a settled house, and a lack of ambition… yields easy breezy days.  Now, lack of a significant other is something I’d like to change, but I’m not feeling lonely because I really do have great friends.  And a lack of ambition doesn’t quite describe me, because I am in school and will be applying to Nursing School in a few months.  But I just don’t have any extra ambitions.  I’m keeping it simple.

I really don’t know what compelled me to write.  Sometimes I have to write a blog simply because I’ve updated my facebook status too recently to overshadow it with a new post, and this seems like a less obtrusive way of shouting to the world.  I don’t think I have any regular readers, but most of my friends know about this and can check it whenever.  They probably don’t, but if they should, this will be here waiting for them.

Oh, I guess I do know what compelled me to write.  I was digging through some old things (mementos from middle school and high school), throwing some out and reminiscing over others.  And what really means something, now that almost 10 years has passed since most of that transpired, are the little things that I wrote.  It’s like little snapshots of my past…  I’m something of a pack rat, but only because I am terrified of forgetting my past.**

In the coming year, I hope to do a complete run-through of all the odds and ends I’ve accumulated over the past 20ish years.  I started phased 1.7834 tonight (Phase 1 has begun many times, unsuccessfully).  We’ll see how far I get!

**So in the years since then, I have written often…on various forms of online media (Xanga, Livejournal, Facebook, blogs)…to preserve those everyday thoughts in my head.


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