The State of the Self

Here’s what I’m thinking about tonight.  First of all, I’m quite sad that Charlotte Sometimes is no longer a contestant on NBC’s The Voice.  I thought she was a brilliant artist, and I will miss her unique sound!  Because I am rooting for Team Adam (for obvious Maroon 5 obsession reasons), this does not distress me too terribly much.  But if Mathai doesn’t make it past the first live show, I might not recover from my distress.

I am proud of myself because today I went kayaking (morning) and running (evening), accomplished a huge grocery trip, baked lasagna and brownies, picked up a friend at the airport, took Bonnie to the park, AND had time left over to watch TV and do my homework.  It’s pretty crazy.  Today was beautiful outside.  It was like diet summer, because we had a warm sun in a clear blue sky, combined with moderate temperatures and a light breeze.  It was warm enough for shorts, but not too warm that I got gross and sweaty from standing still.  If every day could be exactly like today, weather-wise, I would be thrilled.  But of course I understand that plants need water to grow and seasons also help them accomplish certain things, and I need plants for things plus they’re beautiful and what would the world be like without plants? (Answer: southern Arizona)

I am thinking about the work I have coming up, and how it does not really trouble me because I just took tests in both of my classes.  I am thinking about upcoming events this week, such as XKCD Live, a long-awaited AmandaChan hangoutdate, and a combination Easter Sunday/Passover, with festivities and scrumptious meals for both.  I have got a great thing going with my academic and social life all balanced and whatnot.  Too bad it can’t stay this way for too much longer, but I think I’ll manage being slightly more busy than I am, somehow.

I’ve had my friend Alice here visiting the past several days, and I have enjoyed having a guest around the house.  I just love that I’ve got a legit guest room to offer for visiting friends.  To that end, if you know me IRL and you are reading this and you don’t live near me but are planning to visit my area (I know, that’s a lot of conditionals), then please consider this an open invitation to stay with me, provided I’m here and the room is not otherwise occupied.  She got me the cutest card in the history of ever…and next time I think about it, I’m gonna post a picture here or on facebook.

I am tired, but for some reason the last thing I want to do at this instant is sleep.  And yet, the desire to sleep clouds my thoughts and makes finding words akin to dredging through the mud in rain boots.  I don’t blog on here often enough with my random everyday things.  What’s interesting is that I often turn to these blogs/journals/diaries as records of my past experiences.  And yet, they are so woefully incomplete.  Nobody is a perfect record keeper, I don’t think.  But I should really try to be better than I am.

Speaking of being better, I have been a MUCH better houskeeper, laundry-doer, and exerciser than I had been previously.  Now if only I could find a little extra career ambition, without losing other good qualities, I’d be all set.


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