Enjoying this Weather

I just love it when little things work out, like the weather today.  Before meeting Meg and Katelyn for dinner at B-dubbs, I got to take Bonnie on a nice long walk.  Then, even though we couldn’t eat outside (because there were no tables available), we enjoyed a nice chat and some delicious frozen yogurt afterwords…in the beautiful, breezy evening. 

Then on the music-up, windows-down drive home, I contemplated running…because it was so nice.  But something told me that wouldn’t be the best plan.  And you know what?  Less than 30 minutes after I got home (so, I would have still been out running, had I decided to go), WE HAD A THUNDERSTORM. 

You know how getting caught in a thunderstorm could ruin your day/evening?  Well, NOT getting caught in a thunderstorm made my night 🙂 

Also, I’ve been busy, but with generally good stuff, and I’m having a house guest this weekend.  And then after that, I will be less busy, which is great!


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