I want these things right now

I want the plumbing in my kitchen to be back to normal, without having to jump through hoops.
I want to at least know WHEN the next iPhone will be released.
I want to know when Lady Gaga will be releasing a new album…  Feels like Born Yesterday was YEARS ago.
I want my laundry to do itself.
I want the lovely springtime weather to last a lot longer than it’s likely to do.
I want my long-distance friends to come back here, where they belong.
I want magical elves to walk my dog and clean my bathrooms when I’m not in the mood.  And always cook.
I want to be as productive at life as I am at wasting time on the internet.

It’s been approximately 3 weeks since this post.  Here’s what’s changed.
– Plumbing is back to normal!!  Now just need to fix the floor, but that’s not a rush.
– I still want to know!
– Maroon 5 is releasing a new album in June, and as they are my FAVORITE band, that completely satisfies my need for new music for the year.
– I need to do laundry again. I don’t think I’ve done it since this post.
– Springtime weather persists!  Fingers crossed!
– I’ve gotten to see and talk to a lot of long-distance friends, so I feel good there, too.
– I’m dealing with dog walking and cooking just fine; that was a bad night.
– I am still not productive, but nobody’s perfect!


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