First Four since the Fourth

Last July, two awesome friends joined me for a weekend of adventure in North Carolina, culminating in a 4-mile race on the Fourth of July.  Leading up to the race, we trained and had lots of good times together.  However, I hadn’t ever, before or since, taken on a run like that.  Well, today seemed like a good day to challenge myself, so I set out running in a new direction and managed to kill 4.03 miles in 52:00 minutes!  I’m no speedy gonzales, that much is certain, but I am quite proud that I kept a steady pace and didn’t stop to walk!  This marks my second ever run (the first was a 3-miler) where I managed to keep running the whole time without any walking breaks.  In this respect, I think I may have crossed a real threshold!  I think if I stick to this pattern of running, I might be able to add distance to my runs more easily now. 

I’m really starting to love running.  I’m not to the point where I need to do it every day, but I’ve just started a 10-miles-per-week goal.  I met it this first week, and I’m going to keep working towards it…hopefully surpassing it in the coming months.  My medium-term goal is to run a 10k before the year is out, probably this fall.  The really long-term goal is to run a half marathon, but I don’t even know when I’ll be ready for that!  Quite some time from now, I feel certain.


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