The Pursuit of Free

This afternoon I got a free movie promo code from RedBox, and because I wasn’t busy with anything else at the moment, I decided to just go and pick up my movie while there was still a good selection. However, I implemented one little twist.  The weather was lovely again today, and I didn’t have time to get a full run in, so I decided to bike there!

I embarked on my journey after pumping air into my bike’s poor deflated tires.  There’s a RedBox less than half a mile from me, so I figured it would be quite a quick trip.  However, the RedBox at that gas station wasn’t working properly, and when I called and reported it to customer service, their only immediate advice was to go to another RedBox location.

Fortunately, there’s another one at a grocery store less than 2 miles further down the road, so my bike journey was extended just a bit.  The road itself is fairly busy, and the one major downside is that there’s not a good way to bike back other than on the sidewalk, which is technically not allowed.  Lots of people bike on the sidewalk, myself included, I just try to avoid it when I can.

Anyway, with the beautiful day to keep me company it was no sweat to bike down to the grocery store, where the movie I originally wanted was still available!  And my promo code still worked!  So I was successful in my venture, and returned home safely within just a few minutes.

I do love a free movie, even if the actual cash value of the freebie is less than $2.  But what I loved more about the journey was the freedom of riding my bike.  It may not be far, but this is the first time I have made the obvious choice between bike and car and chosen to bike on my errand.  I hope this is the start of a trend for me!  I’m just loving that in February it’s warm enough to bike 4 miles in a tee shirt.

This entry was supposed to have more of a moral…or be funnier…but this is what I’ve got for now!  Off to take the puppy to the park and keep enjoying the wonderful weather 🙂


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