Progress in Spurts

I feel like I can never really focus on a personal improvement project without letting other areas of my life lapse.  I’ve been searching for a good rhythm at school, but then forget to keep the house clean.  Then when I get down to brass tacks with the house, I look up and realize a week has gone by without my working out once.  My current schedule with school and working out does NOT jive, and I need to figure out a way around that.  And my housekeeping is likely to become less cumbersome once I play catch-up from the past several months.

Still, it strikes me that I lack the focus to tackle more than one big project at once.  And I wonder if it’s just that I’m trying to make lifestyle changes too quickly, or if I’m missing some key component that would make my strategy a success.  Oh, I forgot to include my social life in the above list.  There are some weeks when I prioritize time with friends, and then there are weeks like this one where I hardly see any friends.  Well, that’s not entirely true, but I did choose to be alone much more than I sought out the company of others.  This was a school/organizing week.  The week before was more of an exercise/social week.  This upcoming week is likely to be an organizing/exercise week.

I spent most of today reorganizing my office space.  I’m not 100% done, but I’ve made noticeable progress.  I started this project in earnest last summer, but I haven’t really made any more forward motion since then.  The ultimate goal is for the office to no longer look like an attic.  I also need to resolve that same problem in my bedroom, to a lesser degree.

I blame this “attic” status on the fact that I live in a 2-bedroom house with no roommate, so it is far to easy to put my disorganization “out of sight, out of mind” by spending time in other rooms.  I barely spent any time in this office before I got the desktop computer, and now I spent a great deal of time here.  I also deposit dishes in the kitchen, where the spend the majority of the week before they get washed.  I do a pretty good job keeping the living room and dining room clean, but my guest bedroom is starting to fall prey to the “attic” effect.  I’m having a house guest in just a few weeks, though, and I’ve got enough cleaning work to keep me busy until then, so I’m trying to get a jump on things.  I generally only clean when I have a reason like a guest or a party to inspire me.

So, I should probably get off of WordPress and get back to the evening’s cleaning project.  I’m going to try and eliminate some of the desk clutter and scan in some more paperwork.  Wish me luck!



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